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Oral lichenoid lesions (OLL)  are a group of mucosal diseases that closely resemble oral lichen planus (OLP)  both clinically and histologically. On closer examination (clinical and histological), it is noted, that OLLs would lack certain characteristics of OLP or may have a specific etiologic factor causing them.

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  • There are primarily 4 types of oral lichenoid lesions (OLLs):

    1. OLLs due to (contact with) amalgam and betel quid/arecanut

    2. Oral lichenoid lesions due to drugs

    3. Oral lichenoid lesions in “Graft versus host disease” (GVHD)

    4. Oral lichenoid lesions that are unclassified --> may not have a readily discernable etiology, but may lack certain characteristics (clinical or histological) of OLP.

  • OLLs due to amalgam, betel quid/arecanut and drugs are type IV hypersensitivity reactions. GVHD occurs in recipients of allogenic bone marrow transplantation.

  • OLLs could also be differentiated from OLP histologically by the presence of dense inflammation extending deep into the stroma, mixed inflammatory infiltrate, lymphoid aggregates and perivascular cuffing. 

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