Paget's disease of bone - Highlights

Paget’s disease of bone also called osteitis deformans is a slowly progressive metabolic bone disease. There is an uncoordinated and simultaneous increase in bone resorption and formation/apposition.

✅Here are some "Highlights" or a high level overview of Paget’s Disease of bone

  • Bones most affected --> pelvis, spine, femur, tibia, and skull.

  • Usually 50% or more patients suffering from this condition present with a dull constant, deep aching pain (in the region of the affected bone).

  • Bone manifestations --> pain, enlargement, bowing of weight bearing bones (legs), arthritis, pathologic fractures.

  • Maxilla is affected twice as much as the mandible.

  • Patients with enlarged facial bones are described as having “lion like facial features” called “leontiasis ossea”.

  • Edentulous patients complain of dentures becoming tight (due to alveolar enlargement).

  • A characteristic radiographic feature in Paget’s disease is the cotton-wool appearance of bone.

  • Histopathology --> “mosaic” or “jigsaw puzzle appearance” of bone.

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