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Though classroom teaching is gold standard, we have always believed technology could make education more fun and effective. We (Dr.Sanketh - MDS, Oral Pathology and Dr.Divakar - MDS, Periodontology) are dentist friends who have slogged hard to make HackDentistry what it is today. Apart from other entrepreneurial ventures and private dental practice, we continue to spend our time to build HackDentistry as much as we can. Together, we aspire to make HackDentistry a comprehensive online dental platform where students can have fun learning and get hold of resources which make revision and exam preparation easier and effective.

HackDentistry focuses on improving students' understanding of the core subject/specialty and exam performance. We intend to accomplish this by creating

  • Videos🎥 in the form of light-hearted sketch/whiteboard animation lectures.

  • Numerous high yield notes📖  .

  • A huge library consisting of thousands of practice questions📝  (multiple choice format).

HackDentistry already is, a full fledged platform/website (www.hackdentistry.com), that is up and running. We put in a lot of efforts to keep creating new learning material as well as updating current resources.

So what’s with this newsletter/blog? You may ask.

Well, we want to

  • write short blog-post like snippets or “highlights” on various topics in dentistry predominantly in Oral Pathology, Oral Histology and Periodontology.

  • post small Q and A challenges in various dental topics

and we want to reach you directly, through your inbox.

This way, even if a student isn’t able to afford a subscription on the platform, he/she could keep himself/herself updated with short snippets of important stuff that could help in exams!

Also, we could keep you updated with stuff we do on the website (updating learning material/courses), stuff we want to do or intend to do.

If you want to take a deep dive, log in to www.hackdentistry.com

 (psst, be sure to bookmark it, just in case) to read and learn with our course bundles!

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Short blog-post like snippets or “highlights” on various topics in dentistry!



HackDentistry is a dental education platform that helps students understand core concepts while also making them lighthearted and fun to learn.