👋Hey there! 

I am Dr.Sanketh Sharathkumar 

I am a dentist and entrepreneur. I was a passionate Oral Pathologist (hey, I still am 😬) and wanted to be a die hard academician/researcher (really I did🤘)! However I soon (in just over a year) found it mundane and boring.

I wanted to do something more exciting. I knew classroom teaching was gold standard, but I felt technology could make it more fun and effective. With the help of a good friend (Dr.Divakar, MDS - Periodontology), I founded this Ed-Tech company (HackDentistry) with the intention of making learning dentistry fun, engaging and light hearted!🥴

HackDentistry focuses on improving students' understanding of the core subject/specialty and exam performance. I intend to accomplish this by creating

  • Videos🎥 in the form of light-hearted sketch/whiteboard animation lectures.

  • Numerous high yield notes📖  .

  • A huge library consisting of thousands of practice questions📝  (multiple choice format).

HackDentistry already is, a full fledged platform/website (www.hackdentistry.com), that is up and running. I put in a lot of efforts to keep creating new learning material as well as updating current resources.

So what’s with this newsletter/blog? You may ask.

Well, I want to

  • write short blog-post like snippets or “highlights” on various topics in dentistry predominantly in Oral Pathology, Oral Histology and Periodontology.

  • post small Q and A challenges in various dental topics

and I want to reach you directly, through your inbox.

This way, even if a student isn’t able to afford a subscription on the platform, he/she could keep himself/herself updated with short snippets of important stuff that could help in exams!

Also, I could keep you updated with stuff I do on the website (updating learning material/courses), stuff I want to do or intend to do.

I will send out a newsletter or post every Tuesday and Saturday straight to your inbox. Hopefully I will stick to this schedule.

If you want to take a deep dive, log in to www.hackdentistry.com

 (psst, be sure to bookmark it, just in case) to read and learn with our course bundles!

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